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The Sasan Gir situated on the southern peninsula of Gujarat is renowned worldly for Gir National Park and wildlife Sanctuary which is just 48 kilometers away from Junagadh sasan gir of Gujarat state in India. It is one of the most prestigious forests of world as it is only the home of Asiatic Lions. . Sasan Gir is full of tourist full year because of its varied attraction and tourists spot.

After being known as Sasan Gir national park since 1975, the park is the motherland of Asiatic Lions which are approximately 523 counted officially as on May 2015 along with other species of birds and animals. The Gir national park is widely spread with an area of 1412 km and 1513 km for Sanctuary. It is also known as home of Lion Kings and leopards, deer etc.

We provides you with best Hotels and Resorts in Sasan Gir. We give you complete satisfaction and amusement by our sincere services.  The tourists mainly visit Sasan Gir for its diverse attractions such as wildlife experience of Gir National Park, Museums, Forts, temples and much more.

Our Hotels will give you a pleasurable and comfortable experience providing the visitors with an exploration and exposure to the serene beauty of Gir forest. It also provides good catering services of Gujarati dishes and dishes of other cuisine also for foreign visitors. The Sasan Gir Resorts also give the same unforgettable treatment. 

We allow you with direct contact with nature which is also located near the Gir national park. Accommodation is no big deal to be availed at Sasan Gir.

The Gir National Park of Sasan Gir is also known as Panthera leo persica. This place is well protected as once Asiatic lion came into risk of extinction as they were hunted by briteshers and Indian Kings before India got independence. The best time to visit is from December to April. The Safari ride of the Park is the main attraction which is conducted by forest experts in a privatized gypsies or bus along with Devaliya Park, which is just 12 kms away from Sasan, is the place where one can encounter the lions roaming on the roads but with the high security and a thorough fortification all around them. This is the best feature provided by Sasan Gir Tourism for enhancing the thrill of watching the jungle king. Sasan Gir is mainly having a tropical kind of climate. Summers months are hard to be passed at Gir while the monsoons are fun to be around the forest if excessive rains do not trouble you. Winters, with dropping degrees during night, is good time to hang around Gir and overlook the Asiatic lions.

Thousands of visitors nationally and internationally both visit this Park whole year due to their love for Wildlife. It is suitable to get a travel Guide when you visit Sasan Gir, our website will give you all the information you need.